Zodiac MX6 Drive Pulley Coupler Update!

Hello there ePoolSupply supporters and fellow blog enthusiasts! Today I would like to discuss an important update to a specific replacement part manufactured by Zodiac for their MX6 as well as the MX6 Elite model suction side pool cleaners. The manufacturers are constantly looking for issues that may come up after the production and purchase of their pool cleaners. This way they can update and resolve any defects that may cause the cleaners to not perform the way they are intended to and the way you expect them to. The part we will be going over is the Drive Pulley Coupler used for the Zodiac suction cleaners mentioned above.

What is a Suction Side Pool Cleaner?

An automatic suction pool cleaner works the same way as your manual vacuum. It connects to your skimmer to create a siphon that sucks up dirt and large debris from the bottom of your swimming pool. The cleaner moves on its own randomly around the pool. This is possible because it has a device that creates a start-and-stop pulsing effect which helps the cleaner to move. Dirt and large debris are sucked up through the cleaner and into the hose which is connected to your skimmer.

What is the Drive Pully Coupler?

Drive Pulley Coupler

This part sits on the opposite side of the direction control device, side A, and is connected directly to the engine assembly. This rotates and allows the coupler to move the wheels giving the cleaner the ability to move around the pool's surface sucking and pulling dirt and debris along the way. The drive pulley coupler connects to the engine coupler w/ shaft, which also connects to a bearing (wheel and engine) giving it the ability to rotate with ease. It also sits in between the middle engine housing and the lower engine housing. This ensures no impediment to the coupler and the surrounding parts. 

How Exactly Did They Update this, Part?

The drive pulley coupler used to be known by the manufacturer as part number R0595100 because of the update they needed to change it to part number R0595101. It originally was a two-piece system, but it has now been converted to one full single functioning part. The reason for this being the teeth used to connect both ends would wear rapidly and need to be replaced sooner than initially anticipated when the cleaner was first designed. The other issue they ran into was at times these parts would separate as the cleaner was operating causing damage to the surrounding parts which would then become costly in repairs. The other downfall to that is needing to pull the cleaner out and readjust these parts if and when they would knock out of place costing you time and energy that could be better spent enjoying your pool. Check out our YouTube video at the bottom of this blog for more information and visuals. 

Overall, Zodiac has done a great job of listening to their customers when it comes to issues that their consumers are experiencing with parts that aren’t performing the way they should. They then take that information and redesign the product and update the part number, so you don’t have to waste time repairing your cleaner more than you need to. Hopefully, you found the information in this blog to be useful and we also hope we were able to answer any questions you may have had as it pertains to this subject and your pool system. If we didn’t, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly, our team of industry professionals is always happy to help you out! As always from all of us here at ePoolSupply thank you for reading along and keep on swimming!

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