Converting a Caretaker System into an A&A Gamma Series 4 System

Converting a Caretaker System into an A&A Gamma Series 4 System

Hello everyone, welcome to another Fact Friday from ePoolSupply! Occasionally we like to educate our customers about certain products and procedures in the industry. Today we will be covering the steps required to convert your existing Caretaker Cleaning System into an A&A Gamma Series 4 System. Let's dive in!

Infloor cleaning systems are a more hands free way to ensure your pool is clean and functioning properly, a good infloor system can actually save you money in the long run and pay for itself when used properly. Even the best infloor system needs to be replaced, upgraded, or repaired. For starters, you will need to figure out which infloor system will work for your needs. You will also need to completely drain the body of water and chip out the old pool surface and remove the old heads & collars. A&A takes everything you will need into account to provide custom tailored infloor plans for your pool to ensure the highest level of efficiency and cleanliness before actually ordering the system. Once the plans are in place, you will need to modify the pool to accommodate the new infloor heads. To do so, you will need to install brand new collars depending on the head which means re-plumbing and replacing all of the plumbing associated with the pool. A&A manufactures a reaming tool that cuts and reams existing plumbing fixtures to accommodate new cleaning heads. The reaming tool attaches to a power drill and cuts the new sizing needed for the Gamma Series 4 Collars. The A&A reaming tool features two different cutting bits. One for existing A&A Collars and one for brand new plumbing without existing collars. Once reamed, the new collars are glued in to the existing plumbing. It is important to keep the placement of the collar in mind when gluing to leave enough room for the pool resurface to sit flush with the new collars. The new surface will absolutely be a little higher or lower than the previous surface used. We suggest placing a saw blade on the pool surface and then pressing the collar down to just the edge of the blade, leaving room for the surface to sit correctly.

Once installed, the Gamma Series 4 Collar actually comes with a color ring.
The interchangeable color ring allows the pool operator to change the color and aesthetics of the pool without having to add in a different color collar every time they’d like a change of scenery.

We always suggest clearing the plumbing lines and making sure the collars are free of any resurface materials or slurry before installing the actual cleaning heads to ensure nothing is going to clog the lines or cleaning heads.

If you have any questions regarding the information found in this blog, feel free to reach out to us directly! Our team of professionals is happy to help!


Check out our conversion video below!

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