What's up Wednesday: Kreepy Krauly Legend 2 Overview

Kreepy Krauly Legend 2 Overview

Today we’re diving in to take a closer look at Pentair’s Kreepy Krauly Legend 2 Pressure Side pool cleaner. Like the other pressure side pool cleaners offered by Pentair, the Legend 2 features 4 wheels, is front wheel driven, and has a bottom feed venturi powered cleaning orifice for larger debris and maximum cleaning power. The cleaner also features a float for stability and cleaning maneuverability and a tail sweep for additional scrubbing and cleaning. In this case, a mesh velcro or zipper bag easily secures to the top of the cleaner with a push and release style tab. Under the bag is a debris valve that secures the debris inside the bag and cleaner to ensure debris isn’t reintroduced into the pool when pressure isn’t applied to the cleaner.


The Legend 2 also features a backup valve and a pair of thruster jets for additional maneuverability. This cleaner can operate unattended without tipping, getting hung up, or stuck. However, the debris bag will need to be maintained and emptied after regular use. The Kreepy Krauly Legend 2 utilizes superior cleaning, power, and efficiency meaning the cleaner doesn't have to run as long or as often to achieve the same superior cleaning expected with Pentair cleaning products and all this without the need for a booster pump of any kind! Instead, you'll need a dedicated female threaded 1-1/2" return line with an adjustable gate valve and pressure gauge for operation. We suggest contacting a pool professional if you aren't sure if your pool is already fitted with everything needed for operation and generally to ensure proper functionality with your pool. Additionally, Pentair suggests contacting a specialist before installation for any system using inline chlorination, solar systems, or any other air inducing equipment.

Unlike other Pressure side cleaners, the Legend 2 connects directly to the pools existing pump and filtration system without any additional equipment. The cleaner connects directly to a Twist Lock Pressure Relief Valve using standard pool hose.

The hose can be altered for various pool needs up to 30ft over 6 sections. Additional sections can be added for larger bodies of water by adding an additional section of hose (Part # LX17/360020), one Swivel (Part # LX19/360023), two Mender Nuts w/O-Rings (Part # LX20/360022), and one Hose Float (Part # LXD10/360019).

Check out the video below for a full parts breakdown of the Pentair Kreepy Krauly Legend 2!

While there are plenty of efficient cleaning options, there aren't very many that allow for large debris, or a large amount of debris. The Legend 2 can tackle even larger debris with an upgraded LeafBag made to accept acorns, twigs, branches and heavier contaminants. Pentair offers a one year warranty on this product. In the event it isn't operating correctly for whatever reason, Pentair will replace the cleaner and parts aside from any wearable parts. Feel free to reach out to us directly with any further questions or concerns!



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