Pentair Kreepy Krauly Platinum Overview

Hello everyone, welcome to another Fact Friday from ePoolSupply! Occasionally we like to educate our customers about certain products in the industry. Today we will be discussing the Pentair Kreepy Krauly Platinum Pressure Side Cleaner and the parts included with the purchase. Let's dive in! 

Pentair Automatic Pool Cleaner

The nice part of having an automatic pool cleaner means manually cleaning the pool less. Typically that is the case unless you’re dealing with large amounts of leaves or debris on a regular basis that require additional maintenance. 

Kreepy Krauly Platinum Features

Introducing the Kreepy Krauly Platinum. Pentair added all the bells and whistles with this cleaner built around a large capacity debris intake and 4 wheel design. The cleaner features front wheel drive and tackles concrete, vinyl, and fiberglass pools. The Platinum is such an efficient cleaner the majority of pools will be cleaned within 3 hours of operation so continuous operation isn’t needed, adding some additional savings to the already attractive cleaner. The Kreepy Krauly comes standard with a float, tailsweep and top feed debris bag for easy access and a connection for a female threaded 1-1/2" return line. The Platinum comes in two color variations, White/Gray and Gray. Both versions are identical aside from their aesthetics. Read on to learn more about the Kreepy Krauly Platinum parts and setup!

Kreepy Krauly Platinum Cleaner Parts

The 4 wheel design allows the cleaner to operate unattended as the likelihood the cleaner tips or snags on a drain is very minimal. The additional Dual Thrust Jets fire to free the cleaner in the event it becomes stuck or hasn’t rotated around the pool in some time. The cleaner already travels in random directions and patterns to ensure every surface is touched before the cleaner is powered down. The Platinum also features a Back-up Valve with unmatched mobility for a cleaner of this size and class and routinely every 3 and a half minutes goes into Backup mode.

The entire setup features a robust hose that can of course be cut to the required length needed for a variety of pools as well as having additional lengths added for larger bodies of water. For large pools requiring more hose length you will need to grab (1) additional hose (LLD45-White or LLD45PM-Grey), (4) floats (ED10P-White or LLD10PM-Grey), (1) swivel (ED05-White or LLD05PM-Grey), and (2) mender nuts (ED15-White or LLD15PM-Grey).

Like the majority of Pressure Side cleaners, the Platinum requires a standalone booster pump in order to operate and literally will not function without it. We recommend and suggest the Pentair Universal Booster Pump for all pressure cleaning needs!

At the end of the day this cleaner gets the job done every single time. When efficiency and dependability are what you’re aiming for, there is no better option than Pentair. With periodic rebates there is usually some additional savings to balance the price tag, factor in the warranty already included and we’d say it's beyond a great deal and a great cleaner to boot, which is really the most important part! Keep your eyes peeled for future blogs regarding the Kreepy Krauly Platinum including installation, troubleshooting, and more.

For now, check out our video on the Kreepy Krauly Platinum Pressure Side Cleaner below!

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