How to decide which plants are best for your pool landscape!

What is up everyone! Back with you all here today to go over an interesting topic as it relates to your pool and the surrounding landscape. When you are designing your backyard, beyond just inputting a pool, you will need some additions to help keep your backyard from being an eyesore and help liven up your backyard for you and your guests. There are benefits to having plants around your pool and backyard. Your pool is great; however, having additional plants and accessories will help keep your backyard beautiful and enjoyable through the seasons. You can choose from an array of options with flowers, grass, shrubs, trees, and succulents. 

Some of the plants you choose for your backyard require deficient maintenance and will not add to the upkeep of your pool that you may already do. Below is a list of plants that you can choose from to bring life to your backyard.


Plants to consider

  • Sages - Sages are beautiful and come in an array of options. Sages have the ability just to have leaves and not bloom any flower. Not being able to bloom can bring benefits of the flower not being able to shed in your pool and desperate the chances of bugs that fly. Although most sages will need to be maintained with water and trimming; however, the maintenance is very low and can bring beautiful coverage to your pool. 
  • Cacti - Cacti may be sharp; however, they can look beautiful when placed correctly in your design. There are an array of options for cacti: color, size, purpose, and more. Cacti also have the ability to grow out, are tall, and short, and can be easily maintained since they grow in a slow space. Some cacti can bloom, allowing a beautiful flower to sprout and giving additional color to your backyard. Most cacti require little to no watering and will enable you to take a break from maintenance. 
  • Succulents - Very similar to catch, succulents require very little maintenance, grow at a small pace, and bring beauty to surround your pool. The maintenance is so low with succulents that the little rain we get in Arizona may be the only water they need. 
  • Palm Trees - Palm trees can provide a lot of benefits to your backyard and to your pool. With palm trees being able to grow upwards of 60 feet, they can provide shade and comfort and grow well here in the valley. There are other palm trees that can grow smaller and still bring beauty to your backyard design. Before you start purchasing palm trees, we do recommend checking with a nursery or your landscaper if the palm trees you want may shed any tiny seeds that can get into your pool and make a mess of your backyard.

 Palm Tree

Here in the valley, we get a lot of sun and little water. Some of the plants listed above are able to survive both. There are an array of options to choose from for your backyard, and the plants listed above are able to survive your pool and other variables from your backyard. Hopefully, you found the information in this blog to be useful and we also hope we were able to answer any questions you may have had as it pertains to this subject and your pool system. If we didn’t, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly, our team of industry professionals is always happy to help you out! As always from all of us here at ePoolSupply thank you for reading along and keep on swimming! 

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