Installation of Zodiac G3 Pro

Welcome back, ePoolSupply supporters! Today I will be going over how to install the Zodiac G3 Pro suction side cleaner (W03000TR). I have put it step by step and have added some additional information to help you. If you are still unsure about anything please contact us and we can help you to the best of our ability.

Prepare The Pool 

Before you can put the cleaner in, you will need to prepare your pool. The first step is to manually vacuum the pool if excessive debris is present and ensure the pool filter and pump basket are clean. Now close the main durian line and adjust the return lines to blow downward to break up surface circulation and ensure complete cleaning coverage. 

Assemble The Cleaner 

After you have prepped your pool you can now assemble the cleaner. To assemble this cleaner you will stretch the finned disc over the foot pad with the fins pointing up. The disc should fit securely in the groove and rotate freely on the pad. Now slide the wheel deflector over the extension pipe, clips up, until it snaps into place. The deflector should rotate freely. 

Assemble The Hose

The next step is to assemble the hose. For corner or end installations, connect enough hose to reach the farthest point of the pool and then add one more section. For center installations, connect enough hose to reach the farthest point of the pool and then add two more sections. This is to make sure you have a little bit of extra hose just in case it is not long enough. Next, position the hose weight in the middle of the first hose section or about 20 inches back from the end of the hose. Now connect the hose by turning on the filtration system and fill the hose with water by placing the end in front of a return inlet until it is flooded. 

Connect The Hose

To connect to a dedicated suction line, first, insert the male end of the hose into the end of the 45-degree elbow. Second, connect the elbow to the safety vac wall fitting. Thirdly angle the elbow upward towards the water surface. 

Connect To A Skimmer

To connect to a skimmer the Flow Keeper valve must always be used in single skimmer installations. The valve regulates flow to ensure the pool pump and cleaner run properly. It is pre-set at the factory to optimize the performance of the cleaner but offers three settings to adjust the flow. Keep in mind that the lower the setting number, the lower the flow. To adjust this pull the handle and move the setting up or down. The red tab can be used to open the valve and stop the cleaner. If your pool happens to have more than one skimmer, it is best to connect the hose to the one closest to the pump. This will ensure optimal flow. 


Test And Adjust For Proper Flow

The next step for installation is to test and adjust for proper flow. Keeping the hose submerged, attach the flow gauge to the hose and turn on the pump. Verify the red indicator in the gauge is at the number 3 setting. If necessary, use the valves in the pool equipment area to adjust the flow. If the flow is in the low range (0-2), check and clean the pool filter and baskets if necessary. Also, verify that the valves controlling the suction lines are in the correct position. If the flow is in the high range (4-6), lower the flow setting on the flow keeper valve. Next is to open the main drain slightly to further reduce flow. Also, verify that the valves controlling the suction lines are in the correct position.

Connect The Cleaner

The last step is to connect the cleaner. First is to turn off the pump and while keeping the hose underwater, remove the flow gauge. Next, is to submerge the cleaner and flood it with water. When the bubbles stop coming from the extension pipe, connect the hose to the cleaner. Now allow the cleaner to drift to the bottom of the pool and turn on the pump to begin cleaning.

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