Zodiac Baracuda G3 Pro Suction Cleaner - What's in the box?

Welcome back, ePoolSupply supporters! Today I will be going over what comes in the box for the Zodiac G3 Pro suction cleaner. I will also add a brief description of the product and have included a picture. At the very bottom of this blog, there is a YouTube video our pool professional has made to show you exactly what comes in the box. He also gives you some useful information about the cleaner and some of the products. 

About The Cleaner 

The Zodiac G3 suction side pool cleaner (W03000TR) is capable of delivering reliable and effective pool cleaning that is compatible with low-speed pumps for maximum efficiency. The G3 can devour small and medium-sized debris while it thoroughly cleans the pool floor, walls, and steps. The Long Life Hoses that are included are durable and scratch-resistant, making them a great option for all pool surfaces. It also comes with a Flow Keeper Valve which is self-adjusting and automatically controls the flow of water, ensuring peak performance even with a low-speed pump.

What Comes In The Box 

The first thing you will notice is it does not come preassembled. When you first open the box, you will see a 12-pack of hoses (W83140) it is important to keep all the hoses even if you do not need all of them. This is so if one breaks then you will have a backup and do not have to worry about buying new ones right away. If you do need to buy new ones it is best to buy the manufacturer's hoses and not the after-market ones. The after-market ones will break quickly and will not work as well. The next items you will see in the box are the cleaner main body (W69541) (W69542) with the cassette assembly installed (W70340), the finned disc (W70329), and the wheel deflector (W83278). Underneath all of that, you will then see an accessory package, the warranty cards, the manual, the quick start guide, and the diaphragm (W69698). This diaphragm is an extra part, there is one already connected to the inner extension pipe. It is best to keep this on the side since this part has to be replaced frequently. In the accessory package, you will find the flow keeper valve (W60050), and attached to that will be the valve cuff (W70263). The next thing you will find in the bag is two 45-degree elbows (W70244) and a skimmer protector. This protector will go over the hose that is connected to the skimmer and the rest of the protector will go over the skimmer application. Another item you will find in the accessory package is the 4 ½ inch connector (W33160) and the hose weight (W83247). The last thing in the package is the flow gauge (W70335)

In this video, we are showing you what is included in the box of a Zodiac G3 Pro. This cleaner is not to be confused with a Zodiac G3 Original. The G3 Pro is a "Trade Grade" suction cleaner and can only be purchased from a brick-and-mortar store! Remember, the G3 Pro comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty and an extra long-life diaphragm included in the box! If you have any questions or would like to buy this cleaner please contact us and we will help you!

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