Polaris 380 Pressure Cleaner: What's in the box?

Welcome to another Magnificent Monday at ePoolSupply. Each week we like to discuss helpful tips and tricks regarding the pool industry. Today we will be discussing the Polaris 380 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner and the items included in the product packaging. Owning a pool cleaner can be quite a confusing adventure but it helps to have someone there by your side guiding you through each step of the process. Let's dive in!

Pool Cleaner Features

The Polaris Vac Sweep 380 is a booster pump style pressure cleaner so you’ll need a separate booster pump to operate this cleaner. The cleaner comes with a one year parts and labor warranty via applicable service center. It features a standard hose scrubber and a zipper-opened debris bag as opposed to the usual velcro for easy disposal. The debris bag is connected directly to the cleaner and hose assembly for stability.

The weighted hose features an inline filter to keep the water clean from your booster pump to your cleaner, and should be maintained as often as possible to ensure the venturi jets aren’t clogged which will hinder the cleaner and lead to less cleanliness and performance. The 380 has a large opening allowing it to tackle most debris with ease. This cleaner utilizes the same Tune-Up kit as the 360 with everything included to bring the cleaner back to factory new quality.

This cleaner comes standard with the C10 wheel set however, an upgrade to the optional Polaris PosiTrax wheel kit for additional grip is an attractive upgrade for those looking for a little more out of the cleaner. The PosiTrax uses suction cups along the wheels for a sturdier grip along the walls of the pool allowing for extensive cleaning on surfaces that may be more slippery like tile or all fiberglass pools.

This cleaner features a standard tail sweep. We suggest upgrading to the tail sweep pro for a more concise clean and to help the sweep hose scrubber whip around the back end of the cleaner to agitate dirt and debris for the cleaner to suck up. It also prevents the sweep hose from spraying any windows or the pools deck while the cleaner performs its tasks. It recirculates the water back into the pool rather than out the end of the cleaner. Not only does this make it more efficient, it stops the water from spraying out of the pool and onto your deck or patio area. While the amount is negligible, it does keep more water where it belongs, in the pool.

Many factors including pool shape, size, and finish all come into play when selecting the ideal automatic pool vacuum. Hopefully, with the information found in this guide, you'll be able to make an educated decision to find the most optimal pool cleaner for your situation. If you have any questions regarding the information found in this blog feel free to reach out to us directly. Our team of Pool Professionals is here to help you through every step of the process. Otherwise, just keep swimming!


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